Big Data & GeoSpatial Consultancy

Let’s enhance your strategic decision-making capabilities


Organisations are tapping into increasingly sophisticated analytics techniques to improve opportunities for growth, innovation and competitive advantage. Whether its decisions around the market entry, the profitability of product lines or cost of customer acquisition accurate data, analytics and insight is essential to business decision-making. Many organisations are sitting on a mountain of untapped data but struggle with finding an effective solution to tap into that data and turn it into valuable insights that will help drive the business forward. By applying analytics technologies, tools, techniques and talent, we can transform dry facts and figures into strategic insights that deliver instant intelligence.

Our mission is to solve clients’ problems with innovative and interdisciplinary solutions and approaches by integrating various sources bridging business and technology. Our Data Consultants possess over 25 years of professional experience in their area of expertise, having served different companies, government agencies, and non-profit organisations before joining InsightsDoT Technologies Limited, a subsidiary of Scenic-Group Limited. Our company excels at providing evidence-based and data-driven support for e-government and decision-making. By integrating data regardless of size or structure, we identify recurring patterns, build metrics and implement integrated analytics systems that provide value, optimisation and cost advantages.

When you engage with Scenic Business Intelligence Consulting team to design and devise your company’s data analytics strategy, we don’t start with your technology we start what your business needs to know and understand – the questions you need to answer. Putting the customer at the very centre is core to our service ethos. Therefore, we work out how to build the data analytics solution that will transform the mountains of data into intelligence and insight that your people can use to drive the business forward. Our data and analytics offerings include:

  • Data Mining (Healthcare, Banking, Acquisition)
  • GeoSpatial Analysis
  • Web Portals and Content Management Solutions
  • Data Processing and Hosting
  • Data Warehousing
  • Big Data
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Data Management
  • Communication and Outreach
  • Databases (SAS®, Hadoop, Oracle, Siebel, Salesforce, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.) and Servers (Windows, UNIX, etc.)