Scenic International Services

provides various umbrella solutions, trust us to improve your take-home pay and simplify your administration

Scenic International Services provides various umbrella solutions for clients. As the UK’s main company of support offerings to the recruitment and contracting sector, Scenic Consulting offers a wide range of flexible employment control solutions and back-office services.

Our experience, abilities and scale suggest that we supply great value to our clients and contractors, clients come to us due to the fact we bring together skilled people with specialised capabilities to streamline their offerings and improve their profitability.

With a few years of successfully supporting contractors and recruiters, no one in this sector is positioned higher than us to control numerous contractor arrangements – from PAYE umbrella to turning into a Limited company- and for providing comprehensive back-office assistance for businesses.

Established in 1998 by employment enterprise and accountancy professionals who shared an imaginative and prescient; to be a leading voice for the rights of recruiters and contractors. Over the years we have grown our enterprise and now assist masses of recruitment groups and lots of transient and settlement employees every week.

The Services we provide

  1. Umbrella Company Solution
  2. Limited Companies Solution

1. Umbrella Company Solution
Unparalleled modifications in rules are posing an untenable proposition for the temporary labour market, and both agency and employee need to reconsider their method of operating with a view to remaining worthwhile and compliant.

The traditional umbrella version has turned out to be less effective for contractors who have lost their tax-exempt expenses. It should also be noted that employers continue to resist contractor’s rate increases to compensate any drop in take-home pay by contractors. With over 20 years experience and our expertise of the recruitment market, this has allowed us to expect the results of the legislative changes and expand answers with a view to permit you to keep to enjoy the various benefits that contracting and temporary work provides.

Our solutions offer higher returns, have no threat related to them, are incredibly less expensive low fee alternatives and offer complete employment safety.

2. Limited Companies Solution
Identifying to begin your own enterprise may be daunting and it is recommended to entrust its establishment to an expert to make certain you follow all of your statutory obligations. many fledgling businesses underestimate the executive dedication of running a limited company, they find that statutory form filling and submitting returns on time can soon divert energies far away from developing a successful commercial enterprise.

We’ve got quite a number solutions to help you at whatever stage of this adventure, be rest assured that we are here to make the setting up and managing as simple as possible.

In case you’re new to contracting and run your very own limited company then we can provide an all-inclusive bundle that offers limitless accountancy help, on-line cloud-primarily based accountancy software, full corporation and personal tax services, all statutory filing duties and continuing recommendation on legislative change probably to affect you and your business.

Professional indemnity coverage
We are completely insured as a professional firm of Chartered Accountants and a full member of the Institute of chartered accountants in England and Wales

Why choose us?
At Scenic, we create different opportunities for your business in various ways; we rebuild what is lacking, replace what is missing and sustain all your attributes. With our innovative methods, we can revitalize most conditions by injecting our expert correlation in what we do best.

We are very confident in every aspect of our businesses, i.e. whether it is growth, wealth, management, production, consultancy and capital; we guarantee to deliver a remarkable, efficient and satisfactory result.

In life and in business we believe that opportunities are rare to come by, and when missed, it could have a devastating effect. However, when you are with Scenic International Group! These opportunities will not be missed; instead, we will create much more for you in order for your business to grow.

At Scenic we have learned that understanding you and your business is the key to our success and the foundation our firm is built on. Therefore, we urge you to try Scenic today with any one of our business subsidiaries and we will take you on an exceptional journey that will transform your business to greater heights.