Employment Law & HR Consulting

A sound understanding of Employment Law and the implication for employers is vital

Employment Law & Human Resources Solutions Ltd are an organisation committed to providing employers with practical solutions to their Employment Law and personnel questions.

Our team of expert trainers will guide your managers and personnel staff through the employment minefield, the emphasis being on improving practice and procedure in the workplace.

Why the Need for knowledge of Employment Law?
Recent developments in Employment Law mean that employees are now afforded greater legal protection as a result of European Union (EU) and UK Employment legislation. The introduction of new legislation and the extension of legal rights to certain groups of individuals means that training in Employment Law is now viewed as an investment, rather than something which involved great expenditure but offered little return. A sound understanding of Employment Law and the implications for employers is vital for effective people management.

Training with ELHRS:

In-House Training
Our team of skilled trainers will provide:
Practical in-house training,
Tailor-made to suit the particular requirements of your organisation.
Advice to senior staff, management and frontline departments on key issues in Employment Law.
Managers with guidance on how to deal with various personnel matters which arise in the workplace.

Our team of experienced consultants will:
Review and update your current policies
Assist you in developing new personnel policies to reflect recent changes in UK and EU Employment legislation.

Benefits of training with ELHRS
We are dedicated to providing guidance to organisations on how to deal correctly with personnel issues, in order to ensure that they do not fall foul of stringent legislation.

Our trainers have excellent communication skills, with the ability to present complex information in a clear and concise manner.

We have a practical approach to training using case studies, question & answer sessions and role play, in order to facilitate understanding of key employment issues.

Our flexibility means that you decide the date, time and location of training.

Other Benefits Include:

  • The opportunity for delegates to develop new personnel skills and strengthen existing ones.
  • The ability to understand key employment issues and to gain an awareness of current Employment Law developments and their implications.
  • The opportunity to train with a course provider who is committed to providing value for money.

We Provide Training in the following Areas:

  • Discrimination
  • Handling grievance and disciplinary issues
  • Termination of Contracts
  • Managing absence
  • Data Protection
  • Industrial Relations (including trade unions)
  • And many other areas